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Hey, Marcell here 👋

I’m a software developer from Rio, with 7+ years of professional experience working with Javascript, React, Node and Ruby On Rails in remote teams from all over the globe, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, EUA, etc..

Right now I’m learning Rust Webassembly and interested in bridging the gap between development and design.

📍 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Software developer — TypeScript, React, Node.js, and GraphQL


Software Developer @ Original.io
Apr 2018

Develop a modern workflow for the company using components, CI/CD, modern build tools, automation, and documentation on top of that, a CMS built with React/Flux/Node/Koa to control the underlying structure and enforce the workflows. I also play a role in hiring for the company, interviewing new candidates, and evaluating tests. Before That:

Built several e-commerce websites for large and small companies from all over the world.

FullStack Developer @ Freelance
Feb 2016

Collaborated with various teams of designers, product, and developers from all over the world, building solutions with React,Node and Ruby On Rails Some of those where: Sports Betting website(React/Node/Fastly) Conversion Tool (Converting from different design tools apps like Figma and xd to sketch and others)(React/Typescript/xstate/Fastly) The infrastructure of a heavy-duty gear website, my job was mainly to refactor and modernize some parts of the stack.

Web Developer @ 35R
Oct 2014Feb 2016

Worked on a hiring app written in Ruby On Rails, my job was mainly refactoring code and writing tests.



Mostly self-taught, building apps and reading books, see my current study plan here https://bit.ly/36G7BMG


Reading is a big part of my education, I like reading about the scientifity method being apply to other fields Books that I want to read https://bit.ly/3obYKcG

UERJ, Computer Science

Didn't finish but it sparkled my interest in learning more deeply about computers, Assembly code, parsers etc..

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